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Teeth Whitening in Brighton and Hove

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Almost anyone can have tooth whitening to remove stains of teeth, such as red wine, smoking, and coffee. Smokers can be treated very successfully. As tooth whitening agents are applied to teeth, oxygen released form the tooth whitening gel is forced through the enamel to the dentine and discolouration disappears without damaging the tooth’s structure.

Boundary Dental Care are able to offer you two choices on teeth whitening and it is important to stress that it is only legal for this procedure to be carried out by a dental professional. One of the reasons patients seek treatment elsewhere is because beauty saloons offer reduced rates. However this product may mot be deemed safe. This is why we have sourced two ways of offering a product to you at a more affordable price.

Option 1 – Opalescence Go

Opalescence on-the-go whitening gel, sometimes mistakenly called “Opulence Teeth Whitening Gel”, offers professional whitening results for people who want to brighten their smiles on the go. Opalescence on-the-go whitening gel comes in prefilled disposable trays, so it’s ready to use right out of the package.

This means you do not need to wait for custom made bleaching trays so you can begin treatment straight away. The beauty of this product is you only need to wear the trays for around and how a day. You simply pop one of the pre- filled trays out of the packet place it over your teeth and go. Not having to have the trays made alongside buy the gel means this is a quick and more affordable treatment. Priced at just £200.00.

Option 2 – White dental beauty

This is the at home treatment with custom made trays and gel placed by the patient.

Opulence Teeth Whitening Gel

The Whitening Procedure

The treatment involves three visits to the practice.

1) The first appointment involves meeting the dentist and having impressions of your teeth taken for custom made bleaching trays.

2) A week later you return to the practice to collect the whitening products and custom made trays, you will receive advice on how to use the products.

3) This regime is carried out over fourteen consecutive nights, then you return for your third visit to see how the shade of your teeth has changed.

Teeth whitening is an ongoing process, you will be required to return to us for a top up of a single syringe to keep your smile looking fresh. You do not need to book any appointments to do this you can simply purchase the product and do at home.

Prices from £350.00 for a full mouth. Refills from £13.00 per tube.

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