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Teeth in Brief

20th May 2015

  1. Brushing before breakfast
    When we sleep we produce less saliva, this us why bacteria builds up. This bacteria can travel to the blood through the gums . It is a good idea to brush this away as soon as possible for a healthy mouth and body.
  2. Cleaning the tongue
    The surface of the tongue is very rough , this is a breading place for bacteria. It is good to get into the habit of brushing your tongue as well as teeth and gums. It will also help keep bad breath at bay.
  3. Change your brush
    Reports say that a toothbrush holds millions of germs and bugs such as E.coli. It is vital to replace them regularly and to keep them clean. Don’t keep them near the toilet as the spray travels for up to a meter ( close the lid before you flush)
  4. Clean between your teeth
    Many people think clean what you can see but food gets stuck in between your teeth and not all of the build up is visible. Its like leaving dirt under your nails. There are many products out there and something for everybody. Tepe’s, floss, wisdom sticks and many many more.We love wisdom sticks, they are soft and work really well. Do this as a minimum once a day….more is better of course…..
  5. Brushing times
    A quick scrub isn’t enough. You need to spend at least 2 minutes each time you brush to make a difference and thats a minimum of twice a day…..the average brush time is just 47 seconds…get a timer!!!
    Think about what you eat and drink
  6. Dental Plaque
    Dental Plaque is a sticky substance that bonds to the surface of our teeth during the day through eating/drink and because of the presence of bacteria(mainly Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus sanguinis). If this is left on the teeth it will turn into tartar. This is when the plaque becomes hard and in turn make cleaning the gum compromised.
    Plaque control is a mechanical requirement. This is done by brushing the teeth and gums daily. Twice daily is the advice but some people will do this more often. Interdental cleaning is also very important, whether it be floss, tepe’s or another interdental aid.
    If plaque is left on the teeth it will turn into acid and cause caries.
  7. Caries
    Dental caries is also know as “decay” it is caused by bacteria in the mouth. There are specific types that are involved(Streptococcus mutans) This is very destructive to tooth tissue. If food and debris is allowed to remain on teeth it begins to demineralise the enamel.
    The mouths normal pH level is expected to be 6.5 or higher a tooth tissue begins to demineralise when acid in the mouth is the ph goes below 5.5 it begins to attack the tooth. Leading to a weakness.
    The mouth has it’s own way to protect against this, called the buffer action. It is can take 30 minutes or even longer for it to remineralise. The natural saliva and calcium help to neutraliase the acid and keep the teeth sound. So constant snacking between meals/ sugary drinks or poor oral Hygiene will lead to decay in otherwise healthy tooth tissue.
  8. How do I reduce the caries risk
    A high sugar diet, especially snaking in between meals will lead to an increased amount of caries (decay). The mouth never has a chance to recover and protect it’s self.
    Eating a low sugar diet, and only eating three times a day will reduce the potential for tooth decay.
    A diet high in acid will lead to acid erosion of the hard tissues of the teeth. Limit the amount of acid consumed, fizzy drinks are to be avoided. Regurgitation (being sick) can also cause acid erosion, so this is to be avoided too. Although the consumption of fruit is good, the consumption of too much acid fruit is a risk. limit the amount of oranges, grapefruits and lemons, and their juices.due to the risk of acid erosion. Erosion removes the enamel of teeth. This is the tooth’s strongest protective surface.
    During teenage years and hormone in-balances you may be more susceptible to dental caries

Good Advice to follow….Happy Brushing…….


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