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Payment Plans

What is our payment plan and how does it work?

At Boundary Dental Care we are passionate about being the home of affordable private dental care without a compromise on care.
That’s why we set up our own in house payment plan of £17.00 a month.

After your initial visit with us and following any treatment being completed you can sign up to our plan to help budget for all future appointments. Your 1st visit is £70.00, which includes any required radiographs, and a written dental health report with advice and guidance on treatment that may be required.

We never pressure patients; we simply highlight areas of concern and offer you the choices of treatment along with our best advice moving forwards. We then allow you to decide how you would like to proceed.


How does it work and what does it cover?

You pay £17.00 a month, collected by direct debit, this covers you for;

  • 2 x 6 month dental examinations
  • 2 x 6 month hygiene appointments
  • Any amount of digital radiographs as clinically required
  • 50% reduction on any general dental treatment you may need.


What if I need any treatment?

We offer treatment to you at a rate of 50% reduction on any of our private fees.  Making your private dental care much more affordable, but your still receiving private standard care.

What’s not included?

  • Out of hours emergencies
  • Any cosmetic treatments
  • Specialist referral treatments


What are the benefits of me joining the plan?

By joining the plan, your likely to engage in the healthier (and less costly) dental care method of prevention. With regular hygiene appointments and check-ups that you’re committed to, any potential issues can be spotted before they become big problems.

Often, it is fear and cost that are the barriers to regular dental care. Our Payment Plan covers the cost, and our team covers the fear!
A healthy mouth and body is achieved by prevention and not cure, so joining our plan makes your dental check-ups affordable not avoidable.

(Children are seen at £5.00 a month until the age of 18)

CALL 01273 418404 to arrange a payment plan sign up, or find out more. 


Please view our private fee list to see the savings you will make even with the additional fees.

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