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Patient satisfaction survey October 2016 Results

12th December 2016


20 regular Patients were asked the following questions. All patients left their name so it is possible to respond to the answers given. The choices were, yes, no, don’t know, N/A and any other comments.

1) I received a reminder for each of my appointments.

Yes = all 20

2) It was easy to schedule a convenient time.

Yes = all 20 patients.

3) I was seen on time for my appointment, if not I was given a reason for the delay.

Yes = all patient

4) My treatment was completed in a timely and efficient manner.

Yes = all 20 patients.

Other comments “perfect”

5) My treatment was completed to my satisfaction.

Yes = all 20 patients

other comments “ due to my nerves fantastic treatment , patient and understanding”

6) The fees were fully explained prior to treatment.

 Yes = all 20 patients

Other comments “I pay my fees by direct debit” Patient satisfaction survey October 2016 Results “ yes I signed a form”

7) Are the fees fair for the service and comparable?

Yes = 18 patients

1 comment was “ due to a change in the contract plan the jury is still out”

1 comment was “ I think so”

8) Is the practice clean,tidy, well maintained and up to date?

Yes = all 20 patients

Other comments, “very well cleaned and maintained”  “lots of extras felt

very clean and comfortable”  “ a pleasant environment” “well maintained,

spotless” “ very”

9) The dentist and nurse were professional and courteous.

Yes = all 20 patients.

Other comments “ they explained everything to me and made me feel very

relaxed” “the best dentist I have ever been too” “ great team” “always”

10) The staff were considerate to my needs.

Yes = all 20 patients.

Other comments “ the best practice I have been too” “ always and

Understanding ” “always” “ worked with my timetable to give me an appointment”

11) I was given a full list of my options and time to decide on the treatment and prices involved before the work started.

Yes = 17 patients

N/A = 3 patients due to being on the practice plan and in for examinations

only , nothing else needed on the day.

Other comments “ made everything very clear” “always” “ only in for an exam” “ check up not treatment needed”

Addition patient comments.

“ Kind understanding staff, always feel looked after and safe, with great communication, thank you”

“all have been fantastic with me having been scared of the dentist, I now do not hesitate in coming, always made to feel comfortable, very understanding team, very patient, explains everything, never rushed, feel at ease, highly recommend this surgery”

“ great team and practice , very happy here”

“ no improvement needed”

“ No complaints, very professional”

“ very efficient”

Practice response

We are very pleased to see so many happy comments and feedback.  Our recall system is working very well, we have on the day treatment forms and we discuss all options and pricing before we complete any treatment. This is working well. It is great to see the team are looking after patients so well too and we like to maintain high standard, patients have noticed this.

We have recently changed our in house payment plan, one comment about the “jury being out is in relation to this” the remainder of our patients report. We run a £17 per month plan to cover, 2 exams. Two cleans and any radiographs during the year, on top of that the patient gets 50% discount on private fees if any treatment is needed. This is an exception scheme and no one else in this area is offering that level of cover.

We will continue with our professional training to be able to follow all protocols ensure our customer service and make sure our patient care is very high.

To be reviewed Oct/Nov 2017

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