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November is Mouth Cancer Action month

1st October 2015

The facts

Did you know that mouth cancer is one of the Uk’s fastest increasing cancers. It is noted that cases are up 40% in the last 10 years alone.

We speak about most cases being linked to lifestyle choices. This includes smoking, drinking, poor diet and sexual activity. Having said this it is possible that anyone can be affected.

Sadly the survival rate for people with mouth cancer have not improved at all over the last 20 years. It can have a devastating effect on a persons life and that of their loved ones too.  It can lead to problems with eating, how they breathe and even speech.

This is why it is time to act on it. While many people do attend the dentist there are so many out there that don’t go on a regular bases and then of course the ones that say “there is nothing wrong with me so I do not need to go” . With other body parts we may well feel a lump of see a change but how many of us actually look inside our mouths.. Seeing a dentist on a regular basis means there is more chance of an early detection.

If caught early the survival rate transform from 50-90%.

What to look out for

  1. Ulcers that do not heal within 3 weeks
  2. Red and white patches in the mouth
  3. Any unusual swellings in either the mouth head or neck.

If you have not seen a dentist in some while then this is the time to be seen. Take advantage of this wonderful awareness month and make sure you are not at risk. Then continue with regular check ups. Prevention is far better than the cure.

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