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Our Dentist Alan Pearson reflects on his time as a dentist as he hits his 37th year in the role…..

21st August 2017

Thirty seven years ago in July ……(Bastille Day 1980 to be precise) was my first day in general practice. I was (to say the least) scared stiff but enthusiastic to get started. I started work as a...

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23rd March 2017

In the old days, patients would walk in to my surgery, exchange niceties (or otherwise) and sit down. I would ask, “Any problems” ? patient may say “l have a lost filling”……….and ask to...

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30th January 2017

“I HATE THE DENTIST” .………. a common statementI have heard this phrase so many times over the last 35 years, normally just as the patient walks in the room or via the reception team befor...

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Patient satisfaction survey October 2016 Results

12th December 2016

 20 regular Patients were asked the following questions. All patients left their name so it is possible to respond to the answers given. The choices were, yes, no, don’t know, N/A and any o...

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Patient Satisfaction Survey Results

24th November 2015

18 people asked at random over a month

  • I received a reminder for my appointment.

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    November is Mouth Cancer Action month

    1st October 2015

    The facts

    Did you know that mouth cancer is one of the Uk's fastest increasing cancers. It is noted that cases are up 40% in the last 10 years alone.We speak about most cases being lin...

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    Teeth in Brief

    20th May 2015

    1. Brushing before breakfast When we sleep we produce less saliva, this us why bacteria builds up. This bacteria can travel to the blood through the gums . It is a good idea ...

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      Patient Satisfaction Survey 2014

      1st December 2014

      In October, 20 regular patients were asked the following questions about their experience at Boundary Dental Care. All patients left their name so it is possible to respond to the answers given. The c...

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      How do I brush my child’s teeth?

      22nd October 2014

      To brush teeth properly you should brush for at least two minutes.Good oral care starts from the beginning of a child’s life. You will most likely notice your child’s teeth coming through at a...

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      October 2013

      14th July 2014

      What causes bad breath? | Why do I have bad breath?

      It is said that around 15-35% of people may suffer with bad breath but why? It can also be described as halitosis

      The causes are usuall...

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