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Dentures (false teeth) are made of acrylic or cobalt chrome. They can be used to fill a couple of spaces or an entire set of missing teeth. They are a more cost effective way of filling lots of gaps and have come a long way since their birth. They can be kept minimal and people will not even be aware you are wearing them.

Holding dentures in

Dentures are be held in place natural suction to your gums, you may require some form a fixative alongside this. Implants can also be placed for retention

How to I look after my dentures?

Keeping you dentures clean at all times is very important , they should be removed at night to give your gums “a rest” this will keep you gums healthy. We recommended that you brush your dentures and soak them in a glass of cold water whilst you aren’t wearing them. You can add special cleaning tablets to the water when you soak your dentures. Rinse and brush them before placing back into your mouth. It maybe that your denture will require specialist cleaning alongside this as they can pick up stain. It is also important to still visit the dentist even if you have dentures, the gums and dentures will still need checking.

How long do dentures last?

Dentures can last for many years, they can, however, break or fail with wear. Most times they can be easily repaired.

How are they made?

They normally takes 3-5 weeks to make. On your first visit, your dentist will assess your needs and thoroughly examine your mouth for suitability for dentures. You may require some extractions or gum treatment before denture work begins. An impression (mould) of your gums and teeth will be taken. This will then be sent to a dental technician and they will make a special tray, custom made to fit your mouth. 2nd visit, A second set of impressions are taken using the special tray, a record of your bite is also taken. 3rd visit, The denture is returned to us in wax, this allows us and you to look and discuss all elements before it is finished, colour, shape of teeth, set up and fit. Following this it will be returned to the technician to finish . A week after you this will return to have the denture(s) fitted

If you should require teeth to be extracted, this needs to be completed and the gums need to to settle and heal before you can begin denture work. If the process is started to soon the gums will continue to change shape and the denture will become loose.

It is possible to make an immediate denture; on the day the teeth are removed the denture is fitted. This would normally be treated as a temporary until such time as the gums heal. It normally takes 3-4 months but can sometimes take slightly longer

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