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Types of bridges

Cantilever Bridge

These are chosen for use in areas such as the front teeth that are susceptible to less stress. Cantilever bridges are used when there are teeth present on only one side of the space, where the false tooth is anchored to one or more adjacent teeth on one side.

Fixed Bridge

This is the most common type of bridge and formed of a pontic (false tooth) fused between two crowns that are anchored onto teeth or implants. The pontic (false tooth) is usually made of either porcelain fused to metal or ceramics. These are fixed and cannot be removed.

Resin-bonded Bridges or Maryland-bonded Bridges

These are used when there is a gap to be filled between the front teeth, or when the teeth on either side of the missing tooth are strong and healthy without large fillings. The false tooth is made of plastic and is fused to metal that are bonded to the adjacent teeth
using resin. These are fixed on the back of the teeth out of view.

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Bridges are made of Porcelain bonded to precious/no precious metals such as Gold.



  • They offer natural tooth appearance
  • They have a good life period, lasting for 10-15 years, providing you maintain oral hygiene
  • They improve your appearance, bite and speech problems occurring as a result of missing teeth.


  • Teeth may become sensitive to extreme temperatures for a few weeks.
  • Biological cost to opposing teeth


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